Dedicate yourself to my tailored and personalised fitness plans to see an impressive transformation in just 6 weeks. To get started, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and book a FREE consultation.

Reach Your Goals

Here at Fitter Food Lover, I specialise in helping people to reach their diet and fitness goals. If you aren't with your fitness or lifestyle, I can help. I believe in dedication and motivation, but I also encourage my clients to continue eating the foods they enjoy. With my tailored plans and fitness programmes, you will see fantastic progress without making any unnecessary changes.

Your fitness and happiness is my priority, and I will dedicate myself to ensuring that you reach your goals. With consistency and dedication, we can transform your body and your confidence in just 6 weeks. To get started, book a free consultation via Zoom or over the phone by clicking the button below.


Personalised Programmes

I am a firm believer in tailored and personalised fitness plans. Everyone's situation is different, and should be treated as such. The Body Blitz program is tailored to your individual needs and circumstances and will help you achieve long term results. The plan includes:

  • Nutrition coaching that isn't just a set of goals to be met, but also includes support to help you meet them consistently.
  • Tailored exercise programmes to suit your needs an circumstances.
  • Accountability through weekly individual check-ins and online daily group coaching.
  • Your own Client Portal that gives you access to all the resources you need.
  • Support through the client WhatsApp group and 24/7 access to me.
  • Access to live and recorded online workouts.
  • Over 100 tasty recipes and meal ideas.

Having committed to my own fitness goals in the past, I am now dedicated to reaching yours.

If this sounds good to you, book an initial Zoom discussion by clicking on the button below.